JL Stiles

JL Stiles is a unique animal. He is merging two totally different fields of truth seeking: Ragtime blues and higher mathematics.  Both of these disparate strands filtered through a lifetime on the run, searching for a universal truth from psychedelic Brazilian forests to US college campuses and further into his own unique vision. JL Stiles has a mind that sees music in a similar way to how J.S. Bach saw music.  However, Bach never played the blues.

As for the blues: JL has opened for many a blues great, including BB King, Etta James and JJ Cale.  Surprisingly, looking at such a history, most of his originals would not be considered blues or folkways yet Maybelle Carter, Blind Blake and the rest of his honored forebears haunt everything he does, including his upcoming song-of-the-ages album, JL Stiles presents House of Murmurs, on which producer Etienne de Rocher (Sean Hayes) plied his remarkable talents.  It’s a bit confounding to box a one-off like JL, so the artist decided to mostly reserve his stunning ragtime and blues guitar madness for his other band, Hobo Paradise, which tears the house down regularly in San Francisco.

JL’s touring history includes a consistent presence on the West Coast and currently expanding to a nationwide audience via his latest release, which has garnered national press and national radio play.